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Eric Ball   Eric Ball from USA:

"I spent six weeks in Nepal with the Nepal Volunteers Council anthropology/sociology program. This was my first time volunteering or traveling abroad so I didn't know what to expect. From the moment I was greeted at the airport until it was time for me to leave I was welcomed with open arms and treated as a family member. During my stay I was taken around the country to experience Nepalese culture first hand see what life is really like for the people of Nepal. My host family and the NVC staff went out of their way to make sure I was happy and comfortable, the entire time I was there they were excited and enthusiastic about helping me in any way possible and very passionate about the work they do. Nepal is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful. Going to Nepal with the NVC is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I know that I will always have family in Nepal."

Christina Cooper   Christina Cooper from UK:

"From the time I was greeted at the airport by one of NVC's representatives to my departure from Nepal I always felt welcomed by all of the staff. The program was an enlightening experience which gave me a good insight into Nepal and it's people. Nepal is a fantastic place to volunteer, the people are extremely hospitable and kind and are very grateful to foreigners for their interest and support. NVC, are a well organized NGO who I feel are making a difference within the community, through it's programs. Overall my experience was amazing and would recommend NVC to anyone interested in experiencing a different way of life and helping others."

Melissa Taylor   Melissa Taylor from USA:

"When I started searching for a program to do medical volunteer work in Asia, I was hoping to find an organization that would put me in a safe place and provide me with a great educational experience which would allow me to learn while helping others. What I found in NVC was beyond my highest expectations. The NVC staff members treated me like family and took me under their wing; whether it was providing me with transportation or checking in periodically by phone or in person, they were always there for me. I stayed with a host family in Matatirtha and they too were just like family. By the second day, I no longer felt like a guest in their home because I felt like a daughter and a big sister. I was able to do a good amount of sight seeing during my volunteer work, which allowed me to learn about the history of the country as well as the religious beliefs of the people. My time in the hospital was truly invaluable. I was able to see and do so many things in the hospital that most students do not get to experience prior to clinicals. I expected to get a lot out of my time in Nepal, but I had no idea how much the people would touch my life and how my experiences would change the way I thought. I've been to 24 countries in the world and lived in America and in Asia, and I can honestly say that Nepal was one of the best experiences of my life. "

Sabine Kurz   Sabine Kurz from Germany:

“In summer 2010 I volunteered with NVC. From arriving at Tribhuvan airport I felt extremely welcomed by all the members of staff of the organization. I stayed at a monastery on the outskirts of Kathmandu and taught English (and sometimes other subjects too) to the monks living there. It was great fun; life at the monastery wasn't really like I had expected it to be. They drove on motorbikes (and sometimes gave me a ride), used a mobile phone and had a few computers. I played football with the little monks, had discussions with the older ones and got to know some other international volunteers. During my four-week stay, I learnt a great deal about Buddhism, the Nepalese people and their culture. After the first two weeks, I already started to plan my next trip to Nepal. The NVC people were really supportive, they showed me around (on a motorbike again), taught me some basic Nepali and were always there for me if I had concerns or problems. After volunteering, I traveled around Nepal for a few days, and the NVC staff helped my planning where to go and how to get there. I had a great experience in Nepal, and I am definitely planning to volunteer there again.”

Gu Qi   Gu Qi "Nature" from China:

“My name is Nature. I’m an undergraduate student in the University of Ningbo China. With my friends, we four came to our neighborhood country-Nepal to be volunteers one month. We know Nepal will not disappoint us. It turned out that Nepal is really amazing. People in Nepal are so nice. Everyone will be impressed by the people in Nepal, especially the staff in NVC. They treat us like family and always guided us in daily life as same as working. We did the international journalism program. This program is the best program to know Nepal in different aspect, including culture, politics and economy. We visited many ancient places to understand the history and regional culture of Nepal. Besides, we also visited public schools, private schools and university to deeply understand the educational system in Nepal. Through interviewing teachers and students, we could find more news and compared it with the Chinese education system. Of course, all the topics can be chosen by ourselves and the staffs of NVC will guide us. The experience in NVC teaches me how to think creatively and expanded my horizon. I really enjoy the time in Nepal. I love this country and the people.”

Gao Yuanyi 'Emily'   Gao Yuanyi "Emily" from China:

"It was quite lucky for us to choose NVC and live in the hostel with the NVC staffs, who are enthusiastic, supportive and wonderful. We spent 4 weeks there doing International Journalism Internship. They took us around, doing some interviews and visiting the places of interest. Every time we had any troubles, they were there to support us. It was really a perfect experience in Nepal that we lived as a family. When it comes to the time for leave, I even thought I could not bear to be apart from them. But I know, wherever I go, there will always be someone in Nepal who care about me as my family member. If it is possible, I absolutely would come back to Nepal again. What’s more, the NVC staffs are really great people, whom I admire and respect indeed. The principal aim of this council is to improve the life of people in Nepal and making a more harmonious and civilized society. I was really deeply impressed by the effort they’ve made to promote social welfare either through their programs or direct financial aid. They do not want to make profit but spend their entire fund on indigent students’ subsidy and other donations. You could not find another council with relatively low price and such a high quality, but NVC.”

Fang Wanying 'Shirly'   Fang Wanying 'Shirly' from China:

“I spent 4 weeks in Nepal with the Nepal volunteers council international journalism program. To be honest, it was a really meaningful and happy time in my life. The staff of the organization gave us an extremely welcome. They helped us and took care of us a lot. Living in the hostel with staff was indeed a happy experience for me, I have learned a lot from them. During the relatively short time in Nepal, we did a lot of things that enrich my knowledge and vision. Such as doing short interviews with students in Tribhuvan University, talking with principal of public school, learning history and policy of Nepal, and traveling around Kathmandu, in Porkhara as well as Chitwan. To sum up, if you wanna devote yourself into voluntary, NVC is an excellent council that you cannot miss. “

Liu Ying   Liu Ying "Rita" from China:

“It is my first time to be a volunteer abroad and I am so lucky to join the journalism program of NVC. Before going to Kathmandu, I actually felt a little bit worried because everything there was very unfamiliar to me. However, everything just went well during the time we live! I and my fellows were warmly welcomed by the staff of NVC at the first day and they told us the matters needing attention in Kathmandu as well as what we should do there. During the one month, we were treated like families by the staff. We communicated and discussed the culture things, the current affairs, the political things and so on. We also got chance to look around and visit some places of interest. Staffs of NVC always give us a hand when we met troubles or confusions. One month is not a long period of time, but I learnt a lot from the staff of NVC, from the people I met in Kathmandu. The experiences I got in this country will absolutely be my treasure. If possible, I really wanna go to Nepal again and experience more.”

Lee Edwards   Lee Edwards from UK:

“My experience of working with the Nepal Volunteers Council could not have been better. The lifestyle is very different to my world in London but Keshab and the NVC could not have made me feel more welcome. The work the NVC does is of great importance in supporting education and promoting personal development throughout Nepal. I was only sorry I couldn't stay longer and done more. It was an amazing experience which I would recommend to anyone. I especially want to thank my new and very dear friend Keshab of the NVC - his kindness, patience and help put me at ease and really made me feel at home in Nepal."

Natashia Curtis   Natashia Curtis from Canada:

"I began my 9 month journey through Asia with Nepal Volunteers Council, and I could not have picked a more positive and heart warming beginning. We literally walked off the plane to waving hands, wide smiles and warm hugs from our program coordinators. The 2 weeks spent volunteering at the monastery and public school were always full of things to do. If there were no classes planned for one day, we were always invited over to the NVC office to learn more about the country we were trying to connect with. From lessons in Nepali to Kathmandu's history to an overview of the Hindu religion, NVC made sure that not only were our projects organized and interesting, but that also our time spent in Nepal was not spent in ignorance of it's culture. When our time was up, leaving Kathmandu proved to be so difficult that we came back 5 days later just to meet up with our project coordinators again. A little piece of my heart will always be with NVC. "