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  Teaching in Orphanage
Volunteer Type Teaching in Orphanage
Placement Location Kathmandu, Lalitpur & other various locations in Nepal
Food & Accommodation Nepali standard provided at the Orphanage or the host family in the placement area or hostel/ Guest House
Activities Teaching, Playing, organizing creative Activities, organizing educational tours for the orphans etc.
Working Hours 3 to 4 Hours a day/ 6 days a week
Program Start Date 1st & 15th of each Month
Program Duration 1 week to 16 weeks
When to Apply At least 15 days before the planned start date
Eligibility. Who can Apply? All Applicants must be over 18 years, at least High School Graduate and interested in teaching, playing, staying with helpless orphans
Visa Required Tourist Visa
Language Required English

Each year hundreds of children are being helpless in Nepal. Some of them have already lost their parents/guardians. Some others are losing due to lack of healthcare, medicines, food, natural disasters etc. Some children leave their village in search of jobs in the cities like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara etc. It is a distressing fact that most of these children are in the street, they have made street their home, they work in the street, eat in the street & sleep in the street. Some of the children under 14 years are working as child labors in hotels, restaurants and houses. They are little paid and exploited a lot. They feel themselves alone, abandoned & unfortunate. Some other children are being taken by orphanages and cared for. But they are not well furnished. Children there do not have proper care, meal, clothing and education. Still, in comparison to their other counterparts, they feel that they have got something more. We place you in one of these orphanages to teach them. You can teach them English language or other subjects of your interest that are useful to them.
At present, Nepal Volunteers Council (NVC) does not have its own orphanage, we are assisting other orphanages. NVC aims to fight against Child labor and rehabilitate them making them free from labor, and educate all the street children & bring them back to the society and the main stream of development. For this purpose, NVC plans to establish an orphanage in the near future. We expect your kind assistance in the mission and cordially invite you to assist as much as you can.

Should you be interested to be a part of this mission, please write to us at:

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