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  Teaching in Monastery
Volunteer Type Teaching in Monastery/Nunnery
Placement Location Kathmandu, Lumbini & other various locations in Nepal
Food & Accommodation Nepali standard provided at the host family in the placement area or hostel/ Guest House
Activities Teaching, organizing creative Activities for the Monks/Nuns
Working Hours 3 to 4 Hours a day/ 6 days a week
Program Start Date 1st & 15th of each Month
Program Duration 1 week to 16 weeks
When to Apply At least 15 days before the planned start date
Eligibility. Who can Apply? All Applicants must be over 18 years, at least High School Graduate and interested in teaching, playing, staying with Monks and learning about Buddhism
Visa Required Tourist Visa
Language Required English

Nepal is the birth place of Gautam Buddha, the Light of Asia. There are hundreds of monasteries that are being occupied by the Nepalese & Tibetan monks. More than 20% of the exiled Tibetan monks are taking shelter in Nepal. It is really difficult for the monks to be well educated here. They desire to learn English language and the incidence happening in the outer world, but they are not getting proper chance. Your small contribution can bring a big change in the lives of the monks. You can teach them English language; share your knowledge on first aid, environmental cleanliness, health & hygiene, Human Rights etc. You can learn & experience Buddhist philosophy, and Buddhist way of life from the monks. In the monasteries, the monks strictly follow the Buddhist philosophy in their daily lives. So, it may be totally different from your daily routines. By joining this program, you can experience strictly followed way of life of monks in the monasteries. You can either live with the monks in the Monasteries or in the host family while teaching in the Monasteries.

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