Monastery Project

In Nepal, the birth place of the BUDDHA, there are 100s of monasteries related to different sects of Buddhism . In these monasteries, 1000s of monks who are especially from the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet and India are living. They not only study Tibetan and Buddhist philosophy but also English, Maths, Science. They are interested to study English language with native speakers.

As volunteers in this program, you will not only teach monks and nuns English but also will help in cleanliness, cooking, gardening etc. You can have a taste of monastery life and a glimpse of Buddhist ways of living. You can experience Pooja ceremony and rituals in the monastery. You will stay in the monastery, have food with the monks and participate with them in various games and sports.

Would you like to participate in this program, or want more information, please fill online application form here . We will come back to you within two working days.

Where We Are

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