Education Project

We believe that education is the only means to make a positive change in the lives of the people. We greatly value education. It is the backbone of life, source of knowledge, wisdom, skills and information, by which people can lead happy, prosperous and successful life.
There is 22% of the total population living under the absolute poverty in Nepal. Due to this, there are many children deprived of chances to attend primary schools. They are not going to school, instead they are working in the farms, hotels or helping parents in the household chores like looking after younger siblings, preparing food, fetching water etc. It is not possible for the parents to afford good quality education for their children. The deprivation of education is entitled to entangle them in the vicious circle of poverty. To break the chains of the poverty and release themselves, they could have education only as their wealth and means. So, in our understanding it is vital for the poor to be educated.
With a great sense of determination and passion, we have been running and helping schools provide quality education to the children especially coming from the difficult financial background. We have been creating a platform and environment by means of scholarships, love, and motivation, to support them attend classes regularly at schools. With a long term vision of helping them to be mentally and financially independent, we are working with schools and students closely.

We believe that everyone is unique, and thus bears individual talents. But due to the improper environment for the talents to bloom, they are hidden inside. We try to work for creating the right environment where the hidden talents could emerge outside. Proper environment for teaching and learning program, inspiring and motivating teachers, tutors who help students solve their individual problems, use of modern technique and technology, could boost learning process, giving enjoyment to the students while learning new skills. But unfortunately, many schools in Nepal lack such facilities. We believe that it is a long term process and demands a great degree of energy and equity physical equity (volunteerism), material equity (financial aid), moral equity and intellectual equity to make a difference.
Wed like to invite the people from all over the world, who believe that education is essential to lead a happy and fulfilling life, to cooperate with us and help us achieve our goals make a positive change in the lives of the people. You can contribute in three ways to help us educate the poor children in Nepal participating in volunteer teaching program, school improvement program and fund raising for scholarship program.
Volunteering opportunities for teaching and assisting students in their studies are available for the interested people from all around the globe. The basic requirements to participate in our teaching programs are at least high school graduate, 18 years of age, with Basic English language skills, and without criminal records.
You can help in school improvement project by helping us make a proper teaching learning environment with modern facilities. You can contribute your physical equity (volunteering for renovation/ improvement), material equity (financial aid), and moral equity.
Would you like to participate in this program, or want more information, please fill online application form here . We will come back to you within two working days.

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