Childcare Project

There are 1000s of homeless and parentless children in Nepal. There are some other children who have one parent or both parents. But unfortunately, the parents are so poor that they are not being able to provide even basic needs – food, shelter and education- to their children. So, regardless of whether they have parents or not, there are many children deprived of basic needs, and thus suffering.

NVC aims to support these children by providing basic needs. For this purpose, NVC works with various local organizations working for the betterment of such children. These children have been kept in the orphanage home (children’s home) and being sent to school. NVC supports these children homes by providing physical and material equity.

As volunteers in this program, you will help the students in their home works, cleaning rooms, cooking food, washing dishes and clothes etc. In addition to it, you will take students to school in the morning and bring them back from school in the afternoon when the school is over. You will play and share happiness with the children.

Would you like to participate in this program, or want more information, please fill online application form here . We will come back to you within two working days.

Where We Are

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