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  Agriculture & Environment
Volunteer Type Agriculture & Environment
Placement Location Kathmandu, Dhading & other various locations in Nepal
Food & Accommodation Nepali standard provided at the host family in the placement area or hostel/ Guest House
Activities Actively observing & involving in the Agricultural works, sharing techniques of modern agriculture, keeping clean environment and environment protection
Working Hours 3 to 4 Hours a day/ 6 days a week
Program Start Date 1st & 15th of each Month
Program Duration 1 week to 16 weeks
When to Apply At least 15 days before the planned start date
Eligibility. Who can Apply? All Applicants must be over 18 years, at least High School Graduate and interested in Agricultural and environmental issues
Visa Required Tourist Visa
Language Required English

More than 70% of the people in Nepal are involved in Agricultural works where only 21% of the total territory is arable. But, due to high population pressure on land, people are cultivating even the marginal land. The forests and open spaces are being converted into Agricultural farms. Due to this there is a great threat to the wild animals and birds on the one hand. On the other hand, people are suffering from natural disasters like flood, landslide, and soil erosion. The environmental status is being degraded. The farmers are using more insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers to boost the production but in contrary it is decreasing the fertility of land and making the environment polluted. It is distressing fact that due to climate change, rain does not occur in time and thus reduces the agricultural productivity since most of the agricultural cultivation here depends on monsoon rain.

By joining this program, you can observe the farmers working manually on their farms and join them. You can teach them modern ways of cultivating for higher production, and how to use insecticides & chemical fertilizers or not to use them. You can play a role in uplifting the life standard of the farmers and in the process of moving towards commercial level of agricultural from the subsistence level.

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