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  Welcome to Nepal Volunteers Council

Authorized by the Government of Nepal and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council, Nepal Volunteers Council (NVC) is a Nepal based non profit organization that offers volunteer, internship, educational and cultural exchange, travel & tour programs in Nepal. We promote global understanding, friendship and learning while offering opportunities to international students and professionals to experience life in Nepal.

Nepal Volunteers Councilís programs are designed to provide excellent way of learning Nepalese ways of life and experience Nepal in the real sense. In addition to Volunteer and Internship Programs, we offer Gap Year Study Programs, Travel and Tour Programs in Nepal. While studying in Nepal, each student lives with a host family or in the Residence Hall as per their desire. All the students are provided with regular supervision, guidance, 24/7 hours emergency service and communication with the family in the home country. Through our Travel and Tour programs, you are able to learn biographical and biological diversity, cultural and historical monuments, and experience real Nepal. We manage in- country accommodations, transportation and all the other exciting programs for our participants. We assure safety of our participants and excellence of our programs. We value humanity, integrity, hospitality, flexibility and transparency.

We aim to continue the process of sustainable development and uplifting the life standard of the poor and the marginalized community through national and international volunteer enlistment. We place volunteers in a wide range of volunteering positions- teaching, teacher development, women empowerment, environment protection, healthcare and agricultural works. We are running income generative programs for the community people that will raise their life standard. NVC focuses on projects based on sustainable development contributing higher social benefits. We appeal international volunteers to volunteer in Nepal and make as much contribution as possible for the development of Nepalese communities. We are committed to provide exciting and long lasting experience of staying in Nepal for our participants.